3rd Annual Meeting Organized by the Japanese Society of Forest Medicine

Report on the Society’s 2008 activities and future plans

DateMarch 26, 2008 (Mon) from 18:00~20:30
Place Kitasato Gakuen, Tokyo Shirokane Campus, F Assembly Hall 5F, Rm. 1505
Convener The Society of Forest Medicine
Qing Li, MD, PhD (Nippon Medical School)
Yoshifumi Miyazaki, Prof, PhD (Chiba University)
Takahide Kagawa, MS (Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute)

At this academic meeting, in following from the measures proposed at the Osaka International House on March 26th, we planned and executed:

  1. The 77th Symposium regarding “Validating the Healing Effects of Forest Bathing Trips from a Scientific Perspective” by the Japanese Society for Hygiene in Osaka, in March 2007, and,
  2. the 78th Symposium regarding “Trends in Forest Bathing Research in Korea, Japan, and the World” by the Japanese Society for Hygiene in Kumamoto, in March 2008. At this general meeting, we planned for a new Symposium with the theme “Searching for the Mechanisms Behind the Healthful Effects of Forest Bathing”.

Based on the above, the objectives of this academic meeting’s free assembly are as follows:

  1. To gather more members through further meetings
  2. To exchange ideas and opinions with other members and provide gathering places for future meetings.
  3. To discuss past and future activities, and consider the best ways to promote the Society.


  1. Report on the Society’s activities over the previous year
  2. Exchange of ideas and opinions between members
  3. PR for academic meetings
  4. Discussion of upcoming activities
  5. Other matters
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