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Wrap yourself up in the soothing sounds of the forest.
The upstream forest which nurtures the Tottori Sand Dunes
"Chizu; where the breezes waft through the forests, the town to escape to"

In Chizu town, visitors can enjoy lush green forests nurtured by rain and snow as well as scenic valleys laced with sparkling streams.

Along the representative Forest Therapy Road in Chizu, in the Ashizu valley, flows one of the best streams in western Japan. It is situated in a forest of cedar and hardwoods that is magnificent all four seasons. The valley stretches to the Chugoku Nature Trail, encircles the Mitaki Dam and continues on to the upstream river valley. There are three courses, each representing a different section of the valley with its different scenery. While walking the course, visitors will be surrounded by the pleasing sounds of the sparkling stream which flows abundantly all year round while at the same time enjoying the unique seasonal scenery, such as the fresh green of spring or the rich red leaves of autumn.

Each course has its own features : The Chugoku Nature Trail course follows the former tramcar roads that once were used in the Chizu forest industry. With its gentle slopes, the walking course is easy for visitors of all ages. The round-trip Dam course encircles Mitaki Dam and visitors can enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery reflected in the water all four seasons. The upstream Headwaters course is more challenging with lots of ups and downs, winding along the river with its many waterfalls and visitors can experience bracing fresh air with plenty of negative ions.

Location: Ashizu, Chizu Town, Yazu-Gun, Tottori Prefecture
Elevation of Base/Road: Approx. 700 meters
Landforms: Valleys
Climate: Rainy and snowy weather
Forest: Mixed forest of cedar and hardwoods
Typical species: Cedar, Maple, Chestnut, Styrax Obassia, Cornel,
Hornbeam, Cherry, Ash, Japanese Whitebark Magnolia,
Japanese Oak, Walnut, Katsura Tree,
Japanese Cherry Birch
Number of Roads: 3

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  • Pictures of the local environment
  • Pictures of the local environment
  • Pictures of the local environment
  • Pictures of the local environment
  • Pictures of the local environment
  • Pictures of the local environment
  • Pictures of the local environment

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