1st Symposium Organized by the Japanese Society of Forest Medicine

Verifying the effect of forest bathing trip
from the scientific viewpoint

DateMarch 26, 2007
Place Osaka, Japan
Chairpersons Qing Li, MD, PhD (Nippon Medical School)
Hideki Hirano, PhD (Ministry of Environment, Japan)
  1. Forest, Environmental Policy and Forest Therapy
    Hideki Hirano, PhD (Environmental Impact Assessment, Ministry of the Environment, Japan)
  2. Nature and Comfort
    Yoshifumi Miyazaki, PhD (Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute, Japan)
  3. A variety of biological factors from forest activities would be used for designs of indoor amenity
    Akio Kobayashi, PhD, Prof (Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering, Japan)
  4. The Physiological Efficacy of Forest Therapeutic Effects-Results of field tests at 24 sites throughout Japan-
    Bum-Jin Park, PhD (Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute, Japan)
  5. Healing and Health Effects of Kumano-Kodo
    Osamu Mohara, MD (The President of The Wakayama Wellness Foundation, Japan)
  6. Forest bathing trips enhance human immune function
    Qing Li, MD, PhD (Nippon Medical School, Japan)
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